Restaurant Menu

Insalata Capresse (buffalo mozzarela, virgin oliv oil, balsamico sauce)109,-

Beetroot carpaccio with pinie nuts and goat cheese 129,-
Carpaccio di Manzo (from filet mignon) with basil icing 169,-
and Parmesan chips, warm toasts
Tartar steak from filet mignon 219,-
3pcs Grilled prawns with chilli, honey and basil with italien bread 159,-
Insalata Capresse ( buffalo mozzarela, virgin olive oil, balsamico sauce ) 109,-
Goulash soup 49,-
Prague onion soup with smoked meat 49,-
Beef broth with liver meatballs 49,-
Italien tomato soup with parmezan and basil 52,-
Aragula salad with marinated red beets and goat cheese 142,-
Caesar salad with chicken meat, Parmesan and home-made croutons 159,-
Mixed vegetable salad with feta cheese 75,-
Italian kitchen
Italian risotto with grilled zucchini, mushrooms and Parmesan 156,-
Italian cream risotto with seafood 159,-
Spaghetti La Plancha with chicken, bacon, garlic and pepperoni 156,-
Taglietelle con Pollo e pomodoro (chicken, sundried tomatoes, garlic, basil) 159,-
Fettuccine  with baby spinach, mushrooms and parmezan 149,-
200 g Norwegian salmon steak with fresh basil sauce, potato purée 259,-
300 g Roasted trout on fresh rosemary, roasted potatoes slices 189,-
(price according the weight – 100 g = 6,- CZK)
200 g Grilled zander on caraway, parsley potatoe, lemon 269,-
Children´s meals
100 g Chicken cutlet,potatoe purée with butter, lemon 119,-
100 g Fried Eidam cheese, french fries, ketchup or tartar sauce 129,-
Spaghetti with tomato salsa, chicken breasts , tomato and grated cheese 128,-
200 g Beefsteak Cafe de Paris with roasted onion and gratinated creamy potato 338,-
200 g Beefsteak in pepper sauce, warm vegetables and American potatoes 338,-
200 g Filleted Argentinean steak on cream risotto with mushrooms and herb oil 312,-
200 g Argentine steak with the barbecue sauce, steak chips 319,-
200 g Grilled pork tenderloin with fresh basil sauce, gratinated potato with cream, 198,-
        warm vegetables
200 g Grilled pork tenderloin in prosciutto crudo with green beens on italien bacon 198,-
200 g Medailons from Pork tenderloin on roasted farmers corn and aragula salad 198,-
200 g Pork steak on ragout from forest mushrooms, American potatoes 179,-
150 g Hunter´s pocket (spice meat mixture in the potatoe pancake) 174,-
150 g Spicy chicken breast with dried tomatoes, basil and feta cheese, 174,-
potato puree with cream
150 g Chicken sauté after provensal, rice 179,-
200 g Turkey picatta in parmesan batter, mashed potatoes 189,-
150 g Fried turkey cutlet, potatoe salad, lemon 174,-
Czech cuisine
150 g Sirloin on cream, bread dumplings, cranberry target 157,-
200 g Moravian pork bird with three types of dumplings and cabbage 152,-
150 g Deer goulash,potatoe pancakes 158,-
Mexican cuisine
Beef fajitas (beef steak, grilled vegetables, cheddar and Mexican salsa, 189,-
       chopped salad)
Quesadilla rancheros with pork, jalapeno and beans 149,-
Chicken Quesadilla (chicken steak,cheddar,tomatoe salsa,soured cream,2 sauces) 159,-
Burritos with salmon, spinach leaves, roasted potatoes and Mexican salsa 189,-
Italian Tiramisu 59,-
Homemade apple roll with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream 52,-
Strawberry pancake with ice cream and whipped cream 69,-
Grandmother´s pancake with forest berries 69,-
Ice cream “Sundae” with banana, vanilla ice, peanuts and caramel 79,-
Side dishes
200 g French fries 38,- Warm sauces
200 g Croquettes 38,- Mushroom 30,-
150 g American potatoes 38,- Pepper 30,-
200 g Roasted potatoes 38,- Cheesy 30,-
200 g Lyon potatoes roasted in pan with leek and onion 38,- Tomato salsa 30,-
200 g Cream potatoes baked in cheese crust 38,- Barbecue 30,-
200 g Farmer potatoes roasted with bacon and garlic 38,-
200 g Mashed potatoes 38,-
200 g Potato purée with cream and butter 38,-
200 g Parsley potatoes 38,-
200 g Stewed rice 38,- Cold sauces
150 g Raisin rice 38,- Tatar 29,-
3 pcs Potato pancakes 38,- Rosy 29,-
200g Tagliatelle 38,- Horsradisch 29,-
200 g Fettuccine 38,- Garlic 29,-
200 g Spaghetti 38,-
200 g Bread dumpling 38,-
160 g Potato dumpling 38,-
200 g Bacon dumpling 38,-
200 g Potato salad 38,-
150 g Beans in bacon crust 38,-
200 g Provencal vegetable 38,-
150 g Bretagne vegetable 38,-
150 g Leaf spinach 38,-
50 g Fresh butter 12,-
50 g Warm toast 5,-
1 pcs Fried break with garlic 6,-